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Office Home vs Office 365: What’s Best for Your Business?

ByJack Anderson

Office Home vs Office 365: What’s Best for Your Business?

  Whatever your business Microsoft Office is the one app you cannot do without.  It’s central to the global economy, and the standard package used everywhere throughout the world.

So which version of Office should you use?  Which one makes the most sense for your business, both financially and practically?

The differences between Office 365 and Office Home seem small at first glance, and you may not think them relevant to you, but there are a number of advantages to upgrading to Microsoft’s new subscription service.  Firstly; it includes a number of advanced features, perhaps the most immediately noticeable of which is one terabyte of free cloud storage per user.  This is incredibly useful and a swift way to secure vital data against any possible emergency or disaster which could cost you priceless data if using older versions of Office.

One of the main benefits of Office 365 is the inclusion of technical support with your subscription.  Again this will help in case of emergencies, but more importantly will mean that any errors with your Office package can be swiftly fixed most likely without the time-consuming process of reinstalling the whole thing from scratch.  Admittedly this problem is relatively rare, but more common in older versions of office in the first place.

The in-app integration of Skype and Outlook probably aren’t going to be very useful for most small businesses, but those of you who enjoy tweaking features and discovering new ways to use your software may well enjoy it.  And, most importantly of all, it will be supported forever at the same subscription price.  You will never need to spend all that time and energy upgrading your businesses systems just to stay up to date.

The subscription model may seem galling at first, and over many years will certainly cost you more than using older versions at a one-time price, but support for those is slowly being withdrawn.  Eventually you will be in a position where you will have to upgrade simply in order to remain compatible with other businesses, and this day will probably come sooner than you expect.

So can you do without it?  Probably, but the advantages are difficult to deny.  The cost is relatively low but the benefits are numerous.  Much like an iPhone; it’s hard to explain precisely why Office 365 is better than older versions, but once you’ve used it for a while it becomes hard to imagine how you ever did without it.

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